ANSER-ARES offers a number of awards to foster and acknowledge excellence and innovation in the research of nonprofits and social economy in Canada.

ANSER-ARES Call for Best Thesis Awards 2018

The Graduate Student Research Award aims to support graduate research across Canada. The award is sponsored by Alterna Savings & Credit Union ltd.

  • ANSER-ARES Graduate Student Research Award (2015): Anne-Marie Duval, Université Laval for her project entitled “Pouvoir, Expertise et Logiques: Mieux comprendre la tension inhérente à la gestion des organisations de coopération internationale.”
  • ANSER-ARES Graduate Student Research Award (2014): Michael Shier, University of Pennsylvania for his project entitled “Explaining social service non-profit organizations that undertake socially transformative program and initiatives.”

The Award for the best Masters and PhD thesis recognizes outstanding thesis in the field of nonprofits and social economy research.

  • ANSER-ARES Outstanding Master’s thesis (2017): Annie Tsz-Ying Luk, OISE/University of Toronto for her M.A. Thesis entitled “Beyond Reading and Writing: How Volunteer Tutors Develop Their Practice with Learners in Adult Literacy Programs in Ontario.
  • ANSER-ARES Outstanding Master’s thesis (2015): Lysa Mychajluk, OISE/University of Toronto, for her thesis entitled “Building capacity to live and work together at  an ecovillage in support of sustainable community: a case study.”
  • ANSER-ARES Outstanding Master’s thesis (2014): Jean-Vincent Bergeron-Gaudin, UQAM, for his thesis entitled “Quand le mouvement communautaire se fait entrepreneur.”

  • ANSER-ARES Outstanding Doctoral thesis award (2017): Andrea Chan, OISE University of Toronto for her Doctoral Dissertation entitled “Understanding Supportive Employment and Job Training in Canadian Social Purpose Enterprises: Drawing from Theories on Social Support.”
  • ANSER-ARES Outstanding Doctoral thesis award (2016): Robert Mittelman, Carleton University for his Doctoral Dissertation in Management entitled “Charitable Giving to Distant Others.”
  • ANSER-ARES Outstanding Doctoral thesis award (2015): Paloma Raggo, Carleton University for her thesis entitled “Leaders’ Accounts: A Study of Transnational NGO Leadership Views on Accountability.”
  • ANSER-ARES Outstanding Doctoral thesis award (2014): Marcelo Vieta, York University for his thesis entitled “Taking Destiny Into their Own Hands.”


The Award for Distinguished service is given to an individual who has contributed significantly to research. It also recognizes individuals who have provided outstanding commitment and service to the development of research in the field of nonprofit and social economy studies.

  • ANSER-ARES Distinguished Service Award (2017): Father Greg MacLeod, Cape Breton University
  • ANSER-ARES Distinguished Service Award (2016): Susan Phillips, Carleton University
  • ANSER-ARES Distinguished Service Award (2015): Jack Quarter, OISE/University of Toronto
  • ANSER-ARES Distinguished Service Award (2014): Michael Hall, YMCA of Greater Toronto
  • ANSER-ARES Distinguished Service Award (2013): Vic Murray, University of Victoria
  • ANSER-ARES Distinguished Service Award (2012): Yves Vaillancourt, UQAM
  • ANSER-ARES Distinguished Service Award (2011): Keith Steel


In addition, 5 travel awards for graduate students and practitioners were awarded in 2017. These awards were sponsored by Alterna Savings & Credit Union ltd.

Beginning in 2014, ANSER-ARES awarded a prize for the best book on the social economy sector in Canada published during the three calendar years preceding the year of the award. This award was adjudicated by an independent panel of experts composed of Catherine Leviten-Reid (CBU), Roger A. Lohmann (West Virginia University) and Margie Mendell (Concordia).

  • ANSER-ARES Best Book Award (2014): Rachel Laforest (Queen’s University) for her book Voluntary Sector Organizations and the State: Building New Relations, published by UBC Press in 2011.