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peirewalkANSER is a Canadian association for those who have an interest in research that pertains broadly to nonprofit organizations and the social economy.

ANSER is working to:

  • foster a collaborative community of scholars and researchers; and
  • develop a Canadian body of knowledge that encompasses such fields as community economic development, philanthropy, nonprofit management, volunteering, social and environmental accounting, government/voluntary sector relationships, social movements, citizen engagement, and civil society.

Our interests range from the theoretical to the applied. We have come together to promote the development and application of our knowledge for the benefit of Canadians and others in collaboration with those working in the nonprofit sector and the social economy.

Our vision for membership embraces a variety of scholarly fields including economics, history, law, business and management, education, psychology, political science, public administration and sociology.

ANSER is working to provide opportunities for members to share their knowledge and expertise, including an annual conference normally held with the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Our vision is to work collaboratively with other associations with complementary interests and goals.

The ANSER Board of Directors elected at the 2017 Annual General Meeting

Cliff Spyker Mount Royal University (Treasurer)
Shirley Thompson University of Manitoba
Paloma Raggo Carleton University
Denyse Côté Université du Québec en Outaouais  (ex-officio)
J.J. McMurtry York University  (ex-officio)
Rachel Laforest Queen’s University
Sébastien Savard University of Ottawa
Laurie Mook Arizona State University (Secretary)
Olakunle Akingbola Lakehead University
Marcelo Vieta University of Toronto
Ushnish Sengupta University of Toronto
Paula Speevak Sladowski Volunteer Canada
Micheal Shier University of Toronto
Yvonne Harrison University of Regina
Luc Theriault University of New Brunswick (Vice President)
Gloria DeSantis University of Regina  (President)

Members of ANSER approved the following Bylaws at the members meeting at the ANSER Conference on May 24th, 2013 in Waterloo

ANSER Strategic Plan

The ANSER Board of Directors has developed an On-going Strategic Plan to reflect current and future priorities and activities.

Strat Plan redraft May2015 provides a comprehensive overview of ANSER activities and finances.


Gloria De Santis, President

Luc Thériault, Vice-President

Cliff Spyker, Treasurer

Laurie Mook, Secretary

Conference committee 2017-2018

Micheal Shier (Lead)

Gloria De Santis

Lynne Siemens

Sébastien Savard

Jack Quarter

Laurie Mook

Jorge Sousa

Ushnish Sengupta


Kunle Akingbola (Lead)

Luc Thériault

Rachel Laforest


Luc Thériault (Lead)

Rachel Laforest

Kunle Akingbola

Marcelo Vieta


Gloria DeSantis (Lead)

Cliff Spyker

Rachel Laforest



Shirley Thompson/Rachel Laforest (Leads)


J.J. McMurtry/Denyse Côté (Leads)

Marcelo Vieta (English Reviews)

Martine Vézina (French Reviews)

Luc Thériault

Gloria De Santis